About Teagraphy
In my memories, the aroma of tea is a flavour that never leaves

Tea processing and roasting in our family have been passed down to the third generation.

We are dedicated and pay close attention to every step of the tea processing,
including the persistence of different tea varieties,
or innovating new tea roasting skills.

Coming from the original intentions of producing quality tea,
we invested tremendous amounts of effort and time which resulted us to win
the special prize in Nantou’s County Oolong tea competition.

For us,
this is not only an affirmation but furthermore encourages us to stick with our
original intention of producing tea the authentic way and loving it.
With our tea, let’s discover the vibrant flavour of Taiwan Oolong together!

On the market , there are many varieties of tea,
each of their own unique flavour.

At Teagraphy,we carry out the traditional method of
“longan charcoal roasting”
Nowadays,even though electrical roasting
equipment has become very popular.
we still insist that only longan charcoal is used for tea roasting.
The exquisite skills and attentiveness to
details are what allows tea roasters to endurethe tea
a unique human touch and a sense of ease when brewing.

In the past,
sounds were always fleeting and flowed forward with time,
without any trace.

It was not until the invention of the phonograph
that the footprints of sound were preserved.

In the past, taste was like sound, without any trace.

At Teagraphy we hope to continue this tradition of charcoal roasting.

Let tea no longer be a commodity,
but a thing that is brought to life reserving a rich footprint.

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